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This web site is all about Mr. Average Penis. It's based on the finest research and attempts to honestly answer the very important question, what is average?
We are not selling anything, there are no pop-ups and we will only ever link to sites that do the same. That said, getting your supplies
here does help us to maintain and keep adding to the site.

Did someone say that size doesn't matter? I think that the evidence suggests otherwise.
Maybe it isn't that important to women. I'm convinced that there are plenty of things further up their list of priorities. (Although it would be more convincing, if they didn't make so many jokes about it .)
What is for certain though, is that size definitely matters to the owner.

So that's what this site is all about. Trying to be honest and saying that penises do come in various sizes. If you think that matters, then we will cut through all the rubbish on the web and present the facts as best we can.

Why is average important? Because if you are average, that makes you bigger than about 50% of men. And that works for both length and girth. So being average is a good thing.

Please read the adult content warning here

Girl with the worlds largest dildo
Updated 1/1/11
What's on this site:
What is Average?
Nothing but the truth.
How Do You Measure Yourself?
If you want to risk comparing.
How Do I Make It Bigger?
Some things that are free and work. Others that cost and don't.
One size fits all. Not.
Does Size Matter?
Yes, but to who?
Silly Willie
Let's put it in the photocopier
Sex Hints for Penis Owners
Not entirely serious advice
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The background image on this site is the Cerne Abbas Giant. (Not Mr Average) Which is a pagan hill carving in Dorset (UK). Read all about it here
Not surprisingly this is considered to be a fertility symbol and at night queues of couples form, to perform 'the old ceremony' on his penis.

Links of Distinction
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labelBeware all of the content of this site is intended for adults.
The disclaimer: This site was only ever intended to be my rant to reclaim the ground for Mr Average. It was never intended to be cited as a reference and get over 3000 visitors per day.
So it was written and illustrated in a rather irreverent way. (I've had complaints)
However that's my style and I am sticking to it.
All the pages are flagged as having adult content (using ICRA) and anyway it's only nature. If you can't laugh at sex, what can you laugh at?

This site will hopefully keep expanding and I would appreciate feedback and suggestions for extra pages.
Please understand that this site is currently all written from the viewpoint of a heterosexual male. If there is enough interest, I will ask for contributions from other viewpoints.

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