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Questionable Advice

Not actually weird, but it's a bit off topic, so I've hidden it away in here.

Here are a few items of valuable advice for penis owners:

1: Take your socks off first.
Just remember this one simple piece of advice and you can't go far wrong. After that everything else is simple.

Not in my hair!!2:"I'm coming!".
It's always a good idea to warn a girl, to avoid any problems it might cause. At that moment you won't care, but she might think:

"Aghh, not on my parents settee/carpet/bed/curtains/cat."
"Aghh, maybe I'm not 100% sure about the contraceptive arrangements."
"Aghh, you promised you wouldn't come in my mouth/hair/handbag."

3: Squeaky Clean.
If you are likely to be entertaining a young lady, get out the cleaning products. First your home, then yourself. A well scrubbed you and a clean bathroom, will impress. Girls have been known to spontaneously orgasm on finding fresh sheets in a bed.

4: Ladies First.
Always. There is no exception to this rule.
In fact it's best to only come when you are told to.

Tied up at the moment5: Kinky.
People have very different ideas about what is sexy and a couple have to find out which kinks they have in common. The main factor when introducing new games to the bedroom is preparation; there should be very few surprises. So you do have to talk about it and negotiate. Browsing a sex toys shop together can be fun and very enlightening, because it's somebody else making the suggestions.

A look of horror and a NO, should be backed away from and never mentioned again. Anything else is worth a try. Just be playful and don't take it too seriously. You can always have a look at the 'Weird' side of this site.
Go on, it could be fun, but remember to always take your socks off first.

6: Babies.
Babies are what happen if you have sex. Don't say I didn't warn you.
Condoms are good for limiting the numbers, but they are not a truly reliable contraceptive. Even when used carefully you will still get a baby at some point (on average). Normally at the most inconvenient point.
If 100% reliable is important, either the girl must be conscientiously taking an oral contraceptive, or just don't put it in there. Don't be fooled by the stuff, lager is not a contraceptive.

7: Wanker.
Masturbation is a very private thing and so extra naughty and exciting when your partner lets you watch. That's the hint, give it a try.

8: Be Prepared.
In your bedroom always have to hand anything that you might need. Running around the house to try and find the tissues/condoms/lube/batteries/costume, will kill the mood.

Over compensating9: Mr. < Average.
Remember many women do prefer a man with a smaller penis. The normal reasons given are that these men are more attentive and imagianative, but more importantly they drive much more impressive cars.

10: Do Your Exercises.
That's your pelvic floor exercises as shown on this page. They are very simple, if boring, but help in every way with improving erections.

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