Mr. Average - The measure of the man
How do you measure yourself?Measure up

Well it's best if you get someone to do it for you.
Tell her it's a very useful piece of information, when it comes to buying condoms. You would measure any other part of your body, for fit.

You will need a ruler, preferably marked in mm, a long strip of paper, a pen and an erection.

Don't make me laughLength: Holding the penis so that it points directly away from your body, press one end of the ruler against your pelvic bone (directly above your penis) and then take the measurement as shown.

There does seem to be endless debate about if you should take the measurement by pressing against your pelvic bone or not.
This site assumes that you will press and anyway we are taking about penis length, not how fat you are.
The difference is between the usable length and what you would have if you were slim.

Girth:Now take the strip of paper and wrap it around your penis, about half way along the shaft. Mark the paper where it crosses, then remove it and measure the distance. This will be the girth (or circumference).
Doing a measurement for the girth of the head, might also be useful.

If you want to be really accurate. Repeat the above a few times and take an average.
Just remember that you told her that this is serious research. So do try to avoid any undignified begging, for her to 'finish you off'.



Willie Maths

This might sound like taking things a bit too far, but it does prove how ridiculous some penis size claims are. Feed in a few figures that you read for porn stars. If they were true, they would faint, as soon as they got an erection.
Even for fairly modest sizes, it shows that there probably isn't enough blood to supply both heads at once.
Anyway it's all an amazing muddle, thanks to the wrong terms being in general use and a mixture of units.

Erection Length & Girth
Well most people call it the girth, but actually it's the circumference.
So the diameter of the erection is mm or inches
This is what's called the diameter if you are looking at dildos and vibrators.
However the diameter of condoms is the width when they are laid flat.
So to fit around this erection a standard 52mm condom would have to stretch %
So the erection has a volume of ml or UK pints
Typically this will need pints of blood to get erect (pint = 20 oz)
So it would weigh ozs and you would get to the pound.

The Sizer:
I've been sent a fun program, that allows you to do a graphical comparison of your willie against the Lifestyles research. You enter your statistics and it's put up against the 50% average range.
Click here to run.

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A helping hand

This photo just had to find a home somewhere on the Internet. It's from a print that was sent to me anonymously, many years ago. Maybe the sender thought it was my wife, but she's blonde. Obviously it's not me. Because I would never grow a moustache and have a much bigger willie.
My guess is that it was taken at a UK university, some time in the 70's.
Any detectives out there?