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Penis drawingLoose Weight: If you are over weight, your penis is being shortened by the thickness of that layer of fat.

Trim Your Hair: Your pubic hair that is. Don't hide your willie in a bush.
But don't make it too obvious, as most women will think its a bit strange. Just cut it back to a nice even length (no topiary please). Not only will it look good, but it reduces the chance of a hair being caught in a condom. Ouch!

Exercise: The following exercise works, very well, but is tedious. It really does give you firmer, larger looking erections. Not only that, but you will have stronger orgasms and ejaculate with gusto.
At first this exercise will seem to be pointless and having no effect. You have to break through that and after about four weeks, you start to really feel the results.

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Unfortunately it would seem that there are no magic pills or snake oil, that are really a substitute for keeping yourself in good shape. It just takes damn hard work.


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If you really think that Snake Oil will work:

There is actually a multi-billion dollar industry being built on the mistaken belief that bigger is better.
A quick search of Google under penis enlargement will yield you 409,000 websites dedicated to the subject. That's a lot of websites perpetuating this size myth and a lot of people getting rich from it.

I've been tempted at times to try the programs that claimed size could be gained through some kind of exercise/massage and also some of the natural pills. I figured most were relatively cheap and being natural it wouldn't hurt to try though I didn't expect any or little results. (not using any kind of equipment, just one's hands). -

Non-Surgical Methods:

Creams & Ointments You could spend around $20 plus shipping and handling for a penis enlargement cream. Most unfortunately only consist of the same ingredients used in peppermint mouthwash, which might make your penis feel tingly and cause an erection it won't alter the length of your dick.

Stretching Devices Or maybe you would prefer to buy a stretching device and yank your member into shape. For around $40 you can buy devices that will pull, prod or press your dick to the required length. If I ever saw a cause to call Amnesty international and complain about torture some of these devices more than qualify.

Vacuum Pumps Vacuum pumps take DIY to new heights and although I doubt Bob Villa will ever endorse them, they are certainly popular amongst many males. Whilst occasionally prescribed by some MD's for help with erectile problems, I wouldn't recommend this method either. Using them occasionally will cause no permanent side effect; frequent use can pose serious dangers. The pump works by artificially causing negative air pressure to surround the penis, thus drawing blood into the shaft and making it appear bigger. If you do abuse this method then you could get more than you bargained for, as they can cause the penis to swell to such an extent that tears can develop in the tough fibrous tissues that surround the corpora, the spongy cavity that fill with blood to cause an erection. A tear in this layer of tissues can result in a bloated floppy dick. As blood leaks out of the copera, the leaked blood in turn can also clot under the skin, and give your dick a lumpy appearance. Let's face it, that's not the results we want at all.

As it says, don't expect magic results from the above, but I've had several people say that vacuum pumps and stretchers do work if used carefully. The main gain seems to be looking more impressive when flaccid. So I've added a link on the toy shop page.

Surgical Methods:

To make the penis longer:
There are several surgical methods that are used to enhance the size of the penis. The most common one involves severing a ligament that attaches the penis to the body. There is actually about an inch of the tube that makes up the inside of the penis buried with the body. By serving this ligament the inch can be coaxed out with the use of weights and stretching devices. The down side to this procedure is even when erect the penis may not point upwards after the procedure, and may point downwards instead.

To make the penis thicker: One common method to increase the girth of the penile shaft is fat injection, which essentially is liposuctioning the fat from elsewhere on the body and then injecting it into the penile shaft for that fuller look. The potential problem with this method is that these new fat cells need a blood supply to live. Some of them will find it and some won't, so a portion of the injected fat will simply die. This may cause a lumpy appearance to the penis necessitating further fat injections. Depending on how the body reacts to the injected fat, fibrous scar tissue may form further adding to that lumpy bumpy look. Another method used is injecting fat into a transplanted flap of skin, which is then transplanted complete with blood vessels attached. The downside is that this method leaves scars along the shaft of the penis, which might not be esthetically pleasing.

Lovely girl with a huge penisPlease remember before parting with any money, that just because a web site looks glossy, it doesn't make it factual.

& They will be trying to sell you stuff and not necessary committed to telling the truth. They are preying on your doubts and insecurities.

& I know it's difficult to believe, but some of the pictures might have been Photo-shopped and the testimonials could be works of fiction.

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