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PV-Exercise Timer

As I've said this exercise is very tedious and really takes an effort to do. However I get lots of feedback saying how well it works. So I persist and use a simple program that sits on my desktop. It reminds me to do it and times the exercise.

As it was written for my own use, this program doesn't have a graphical interface. It simply runs from a console, so doesn't need to be installed. You just load it somewhere and click on it to execute. It will work with all versions of Windows.
(This does mean that it's an executable file, so only ever trust a copy that you have downloaded yourself, from here.)

Xercise Program

Click here to download
This program does not install itself into Windows. The only reason that it's in a ZIP file is to stop it executing when when you click on the link. The file should be unzipped and stored somewhere convenient. I would then put a shortcut to it on your desktop. To remove the program, you just delete it. It doesn't generate or modify any other files.

NEW There is a new version which makes this exercise more fun. I've wired a small vibrator (suitably placed) to the computers USB port, which runs during the 'Tense' phases. If there is any interest I might make this available.

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