Mr. Average - The measure of the man

Does size matter?

Remember, that old saying... "it's not how long your pencil is -- it's how you write your name". Or, "it's not the wand it's the magician". And similar rubbish.

Err not a prize winnerObviously it's not as simple as that. Another old saying comes from Peanuts ... "I look forward to the day when I understand girls".

The simplest way to give a woman an orgasm really doesn't require a penis. Just find their clitoris and lick it. Fingers and vibrators, also work quite well.

However most women will feel that without some penetration they are missing out. Even though some will never orgasm that way.
Most estimates say that nearly half of all women will not normally orgasm through penetration alone. So it's true, they really don't care how big your penis is and technique is far more important.

Prize winnerHowever, there are women (less than 10%) who prefer to be brought to an orgasm through vaginal penetration and can come that way at will. In such cases, sufficient size, rigidity, and staying power are absolutely necessary. Sexual technique is a distant fourth.

And then there is big willie by proxy. Somewhere I've already said that regardless of whatever women say, men do worry mightily about the size of their penis and I think that women also derive some sort of status from the size of man they can acquire.
And then there's always the novelty value. It's something to 'tick off the list' and everybody wants to have the biggest toys.

Make of that what you will. It's nothing to do with sex.

Has that answered your question?
I thought not.

Don't worry about the photos. I expect that you fall somewhere between the two. (If you're male.) It's what's known as normal.

We have a page of very useful sex hints for men, which can be found here.

Porn - a feat of presentation over size

Gosh it is huge. Nearly 6.5 inches
If you seriously look at the guys in porn movies, you'll notice they aren't really any bigger than around 6 inches. What the producers do is get a short skinny looking man, and a tiny female who by the relative size makes the guys penis look a lot bigger than it really is.

And it's a movie! The producers use camera angle, lighting, perspective, and other tricks of the trade to make their stars look huge.

And all the published sizes are exaggerations.
Look at those girls on the left, being impressed by the large cock. Well actually, if you look closer, it might be a tiny bit bigger than average, but 6.5" tops and quite thin.

Yes there are a few freaks of nature, but what the pornographers (and women) really want of a man is the ability to be reliably erect. That's more important than size. So do your exercises.
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